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Ayurvedic Medicine for Psoriasis

Psoriasis Treatment & Care

Know all about our therapeutic package that includes internal medication and topical application

Ayurvedic Medicine for Psoriasis

Heals your skin from within

Our PsoroBAC Treatment is designed to specifically treat all types of Psoriasis.Learn how we do it

Swcience of What We Do

Science ofwhat we do

Our Ayurvedic supplements that help nourish skin and provide natural relief

Long Lasting Results and Relief From Flare Ups

Plaque flare ups Before
Nikhil Asnani, 43 yrs, Mumbai
Plaque flare ups
Plaque flare ups After
Plaque and Pustular Psoriasis Before
Rahul Makhija, 27 yrs, Mumbai
Plaque and pustular psoriasis
Plaque and Pustular Psoriasis After

" Using PsoroBAC has completely changed the way I live. No more hiding or covering up and getting weird looks from people around me! I can finally wear shorts again ! "

Reena, 30 yrs, Delhi

" PsoroBAC has been a godsend. After various treatments over the years that left me worse than I started, PsoroBAC and it’s lack of side effects has really worked it’s magic on my skin. No more flare ups and no more worries! "

Ashok, 41 yrs, Mumbai


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